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We guarantee everything will be perfect, from delivery time and order accuracy everything will be spot on.

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The 3-steps solution to increase revenue

Your expertise

You concentrate on what you really know, making the food. Your focus need to stay on what really matter to your clients.

Your decisions

You decide everything from order capacity, available times, the items you want on the menu, special catering menu and minimum order value. You’re the boss.

Our expertise

You let us worry about the complete order process and delivery service, the invoicing, the sales, the onboarding of new companies, the marketing and the tracking and logistics.

Here is how ORDERIN stands above the rest

What makes us the best

Here at ORDERIN we specialize in corporate and catering orders. Everything is done in house. We do not outsource anything. From the ORDERIN drivers, customer care agents, sales force, menu specialist its all done by our qualified trained team.

Restaurants are given the option to be notified 24 to 48 hours in advance so you have the time to prepare everything. You receive the order via email and notified by sms so you never wonder what’s going on.

If you do not confirm you have received it within 6 hours of order being placed one of our customer service personal will reach out to you.

Once you have verified and acknowledged the order, the client then receives a confirmation notice and at this point he will be able to track the progress of his order from the start to the arrival at his office.

There is never any surprises.

Your Task

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